Starting out…

Here’s a little story about how my love of music began.
Like many young girls brought up in the 1950s it all started in front of the dressing table mirror with a vanity set, a record player and some vinyl from the family collection.


Every Sunday morning my father would sing and whistle along to artists such as Frank Sinatra,Nat King Cole and Dean Martin and to songs like The man from Laramie and The Ballard of Davy Crockett.
We occasionally got to hear what was in the charts on the light programme on the radio. It wasn’t until the sixties when Pick of the Pops came on the radio on a Sunday afternoon, together with radio Luxembourg and radio Caroline. Then you really got to hear what music was out there.


My first recording session was in the record booth at Bournemouth station in the 1960s. My brother and I laughed our way through singing the song ‘ Theres a hole in my bucket dear Lisa’ first sung by Harry Belafonte and Odetta. I can still remember all the lyrics. Not completely sure thats a good thing. A few years later we made another 7″single of ‘ I’d like to teach the world to sing’ by The New Seekers. We giggled our way through that one too. They cost half a crown each. What a great experience, such fun.
To be continued……..



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